Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art
Harvard Art Museums Bauhaus
The Harvard Art Museums hold one of the first and largest collections relating to the Bauhaus
Harvard Art Museums Bauhaus
Wassily Kandinsky expressionist painter

Rethinking the world. Learn how the Bauhaus influenced design history with its emphasis on theory and practice as taught by the masters.

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Dream ship made of blocks

Dream ship made of blocks-Children's toys of an artist
Johannes Itten- Bauhaus master

Johannes Itten- Bauhaus master
Artificial intelligence that was an artist

The artificial intelligence that was an artist
Anselm-Kiefer-Austrian painter and sculptor


Roy Fox Lichtenstein-Teacher and Painter

Roy Fox Lichtenstein
Le Corbusier-architect and ideologue

Le Corbusier-architect and ideologue
The Vitra Design Museum-museum of design

Vitra Design Museum
The Forgotten Women of Bauhaus

The Other Art History: The Forgotten Women of Bauhaus

triadic ballet by oskar schlemmer - bauhaus    
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